In this Issue

This issue is full of green – a delightful bloom of nature and jewels. 

The rich color of the flowers bounces off the black background bringing to life the mystery in this layout.  The jewels are delicately placed in bloom – hiding in the brush.  Brooches and rings of emeralds and diamonds are magically brought to life, just breathe it all in.  Masterfully done. 

White petals with contrasting black splattered paint – simply and impactful.  Organic in nature these jewels become a part of the flower held firm.  A hint of imperfection makes you look further, deeper, for the perfection that just is. 

The trends are a look back but not that far back.  Luxury Wireless is stronger than ever with so much more room to grow.  The Navy links are tried and true – still on point for a look with no stone embellishments.  And as for looking like a Queen – that is always the goal.  The pieces are unique, detailed and special – just like all of us.