In this Issue

By far one my favorite issues… 

It’s not that I was such a fan of Barbie dolls growing up – I wasn’t.  But let’s face it, Barbie is an American Icon – such a huge part of our pop culture.  I love all the creative tributes and in this case Barbie Mania is perfection.  The jewelry takes center stage but the background is just so full of fun and feminine creativity. 

The trends are strong, Madonna and the Cross in the 80’s still used in 2009 for impact.  The Lavender palette, the pre-Game of Thrones obsession with dragons, the Italian horn in every way possible – all such beautiful trends to look back on so we can move forward. 

The gorgeous blue-eyed bombshell in this spread really outshines any of the jewelry but who cares…  the vibe of this photo shoot is just smoking hot.  There is an air of Cleopatra meets Sophia Loren and I want to be a part of it.  The images are flawless in how they make you feel like you have just walked in on something cool.  Takes me back to those days in the 90’s when getting ready with the crew was just as much a part of the night out.  Hello gorgeous.. 

Jeweled hats and shoes – what else is there.  While I am not a fan of the petite chapeau – this take on vintage is creative and elegant.  The history and heritage of “the hat” is clear and what better way to entice then by adding jewelry…..  Well done.  Glamorous and very sexy; the shoes are bejeweled and bright, velvet and supple – too pretty to wear?  Nope.  Well, maybe…..