In this Issue

This issue features the gorgeous Helena Christensen on the cover, smoking hot!  The make -up, the jewels, just flawless. 

If you dig birds or just love a quirky way to show off some beautiful strands – the issue has something for you.  Each uniquely colorful bird outfitted with the perfectly plated chain – so cool. 

I have to admit – I am not a huge fan of the baubles in “Get Iced” but I love the vibe of the photoshoot.  Super chill literally and the 80’s beauty queen flavor made me smile. 

The “graceful” set – was beautifully styled and shot.  Not my type of jewels being highlighted but the model is grace personified.  How refreshing to see beauty represented in a non-twenty year old kind of way.   

The whimsy and glamor of the “Roll the Dice” shoot – so chic.  Love the charms and the charm…  Retro vibe and super cool. 

The trends are full of color and delicate shapes with an emphasis on nature.  Just beautiful. 

Hope you enjoy a small sample of this 2005 issue of Vogue Gioiello.