In this Issue

This issue has a “red” vibe that I love just in time for the holiday season.  Plus any issue that mentions Miriam Haskell gets my vote. 

Rubies with black diamonds – such a smooth sophisticated combination.  Classic styles showing the real depths of the red ruby.  In yellow gold or black gold – the beautiful pieces shine with luxury and pure elegance. 
Tassels are shown in pearl, ruby and gold chain.  Trend?  Not really since they never “go out” of style.  

Multi Color statement jewelry showing the fun side in us all.  Cool color combinations of deep purple amethyst with perfectly pink sapphire or maybe a rich green tourmaline with pops of golden citrine.  The colors and style just bring a luxurious smile to the face. 

Who doesn’t love a few good shots of place settings with jewelry – we all do.  Simple and elegant with an Asian inspired feel – well done. 

Royal Zoo brings a delicacy to the animal kingdom.  Beautiful peacock with colorful gemstones and critters that are cute and deluxe at the same time.  Worth taking a look.