In This Issue

What an issue – truly jammed packed with insanely beautiful images, the jewelry, the styling, the colors….  All so inspired. 

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Tribal vibes with dark skin and bold makeup compliment the butterflies and sensual staging.  Striking chokers with bold lines and head pieces full of potential – all so appealing. And then the stacked bangles – what can one say about the insane beauty of that shot.  If you love jewelry – you will love this issue. 

Stone Age is a beautiful take on Swarovski crystal meets makeup.  20 years ago this was a new approach and the organic nature in which they present this story is icy and warm simultaneously.  

Futuristic females and retro bombshells – both featured sensually and elegantly.  Head pieces and styling add to these stories in such a raw open way – and oh yeah, beautiful jewelry too. 

This black and white story is one of my favorite visuals.  Alive with detail and beauty without the influence of bold color.  The make up is courageously done just adding to the lack of palette and it works so very well.  Pearls look edgy, butterflies look tough and the whole thing is just fabulous. 

Some insanely cool jewelry ads from 2 of my favorites; Pianegonda and Balocchi Preziosi, if you aren’t familiar you should be.  When a whole ring is crafted from semi precious stone, no metal shank – all stone – I am in love!  Such sought after pieces from both design houses –  jewelry for generations.