In this Issue

All I see on the cover is Cartier.  Nothing else matters…. 

Doll’s House, Dark Moods and everything in between.  The focus is where it needs to be – the beautiful jewels, the mood, the expression of creativity and a love of art.  A place where fellow artists and designers get inspired to create…  all in these pages. 

Everything about Star Factory is just deluxe.  Super glam photo spread that really shines.  The glossy lips, tiara’s and crying beauty queen are all perfect.  Long nails, Yellow Gold, 80’s vibe – it’s all there and done so very well.  

 What I love about Mixed Up is just that, combinations that you don’t often think of.  Bold metals with soft pearls – that’s the way to do it.   Chokers along with long strands you might not think of it but you should do it. 

A pop of nature.  Apples and bamboo, the snakes show up in a perfect way. 

The advertisements and trend reports highlighted are still relevant and insightful.  Color for Spring, Athleisure is still very much a thing and the importance of Men’s jewelry – all still what we talk about today.  Do things really change?