In this Issue

This is the attitude issue – as far as I’m concerned but you decide. 

The ear cuff trend not for everyone but when fine jewelry steps out of the conventional comfort zone some great things happen.  The detail and fit is just beyond so why not give it a try?  You don’t have to be wild – just a little fierce. 

The back bustier with that delicate cuff is just stunning.  The pose of the woman in the pink head scarf is perfect – the watches are too but really can we talk about the attitude in this shot?  So good.  The shots with leather watch straps are divine. 

And then there is Anime…   Why do I think there is something sexy about this layout?  What a whimsical combination, such a fun way to show off some luxurious jewels.  We see that color, frivolity and no fear – really are the key to style.  Pop culture meets classic fine jewelry – super cool.